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Vulcan Forged is one of those true gems that have gone under the radar of most folks in crypto. When I chanced upon the project when we invested in a separate metaverse bridge project that they partnered with, we immediately noticed the immense talent behind this universe of games led Jamie Thomson. Here is Vulcan Forged:

Exnetwork Capital is proud to announce a major investment in CryptoArt.Ai. Powered by their token — $CART, this project aims to bridge NFTs to the China market and the greater Asia region. They also aim to bring Chinese and Asian talents unto their NFT auction and marketplace platform.

Exnetwor Capital joins existing investors Softbank, DFG and imToken ventures in empowering the CryptoArt team to new heights in the NFT and art market.

The investment is for vested tokens and long term advisory and marketing commitments.

Real life footage of Tier 5

Exnetwork was founded with the goal of binding strangers to work together to make money in crypto. We call this concept Social Finance. And in line with this mission, we are introducing Tier 5 of the Exnetwork Community!

Tier 5 is the only Tier that won’t have any access to seed or private sale deals. Instead it will be solely focused on Trading signals and discussions. The tier has 5 resident coaches with different focuses, strengths and biases. We will introduce them on a separate article. Members can request Technical Analysis and also discuss good plays.

Good participation will net…

Exnetwork Capital is proud to disclose a major six-digit USD strategic investment in AnRKey X ($ANRX). Our investment affirms the strength of execution by JD and his team in creating a unique product that lives in the intersection of NFTs, games and world-building intellectual property.

Their gamified yield game — Battlewave 2323, their gDex protocol and their NFTs are growing from strength to strength. As the team moves from building to growing their ecosystem, Exnetwork will be offering our support and guidance along the way.

Exnetwork actually invested in private round and taken a bigger position with this investment, we…

At DEX Gems we have a mission to filter projects and find the gems in the haystack that is the DEXs. Right now its being handled by 2 people from the team and we think we have a good plan to make this scalable. This is called Community Picks (CoPi) and here is how it goes -

  1. Any token team can schedule a CoPi time at the DEX gem chat group.
  2. Once the schedule is confirmed and the fee is paid. The CoPi time will be announced.
  3. At the event, The host will ask 4–5 base questions about the…

Uniswap has ushered in a golden age in permission-less liquidity and an inexpensive listing avenue for many crypto projects. But it also has made the noise level significantly high and that comes with clear risks. Fake tokens of real projects can now be easily listed and fake projects can now easily sell to unsuspecting dex buyers in what is now known as a rug pull. We, at, saw the need for a channel and group to evaluate DEX listings for the good ones. So introducing DEX Gems at!

Time is our most valuable and scarce asset followed by our focus. And it has been proven that those two are especially crucial when it comes to chasing profits in the crypto world. This is why I was especially interested in APY.Finance.

We are almost ready to deploy our Staking module. Here are a few details we can share with the


  1. You can only stake in multiples of 5,000 EXNTs, one of these is called an EXNT5k.
  2. You can only unstake in multiples of 5,000 EXNTs.
  3. Unstaking will take 168 hours of approx. 7 days.
  4. There will be three types of staking: Flexible(EXNT5k), 3 Months locked (EXNT5k3) and 6 Months locked (EXNT5k6).
  5. Staking will be done thru our Community App at

Access logic change:

Once staking is live. Access to groups will switch from just having EXNT in your linked wallet to actually…

We conducted a private sale last August 25,2020. From the very start, most of the communications were in our private groups and we even created an invite-only private group for a private AMA about the project even when we had a public AMA group at

30 minutes before we opened our sale in the private groups, we muted it. But on the second we opened the private sale form in the inner circle, scammers opened a fake form at one of our other public rooms unrelated to the private sale. Despite the account having the cartoon avatar of me…

In our previous report — we outlined a surprise bonus 5% reward for all the wholesale buyers of EXNT tokens in our very own OTC (over the counter or peer to peer) group at

Well, here are the following accounts that are eligible for that:

  1. o*******b 70,000 free EXNTs
  2. t*******7 28,000 free EXNTs
  3. o*******y 20,220 free EXNTs
  4. R*******t 17,500 free EXNTs
  5. z*******x 14,000 free EXNTs
  6. m*******r 14,000 free EXNTs
  7. B*******L 7,000 free EXNTs
  8. B*******7 7,000 free EXNTs
  9. f*******d 7,000 free EXNTs
  10. j*******n 7,000 free EXNTs
  11. l*******o 7,000 free EXNTs
  12. M*******i 7,000 free EXNTs
  13. M*******K 7,000 free EXNTs
  14. m*******1 7,000…


Focused on product and design. Into cryptocurrency, gamification, ux, pop culture and startups.

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